Saturday, July 18, 2009


well here i sit and hiding...yes thats right i am in absolute hiding from those who have enslaved me to their will. here i sit and will continue to hide until at last i am free on sunday afternoon for a whole week to do as i please...or more realistically as i need to do...meaning commission work, card makings/mailings, further computer fixing and of course attempting to get one of my own paintings done. of course all this art needs to be squeezed in between puppy feedings and playtime. however i plan on insisting to wear my rose colored spectacles throughout my "week of vacation" (it will only really be lasting from sunday afternoon to thursday when i have to work).

in the mean time while i attempt to wait patiently for my "week" to come i have absolutely nothing to show. i have found neither time or energy to pick up a pencil and put it to paper save but to make mundane lists of things i need to remember to do in order to keep all happy until gone.

soon i will have ample photos to show of build panels, progress shots and of course puppies.

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