Friday, September 11, 2009

sneaky sneaky

i'm not entirely sure about my feels on posting sneak previews before shows go up. usually the snapshot is so narrowly focused making the photo tantalizing and teasing which makes me highly impatient for the show to open and the artist to post pictures up after the opening so i can see what everyone else get to see. i suppose sneak previews have their place in the whole and entice people to come to the opening, but all the artist i follow currently are not in chicago which makes it impossible for me to go to their openings. . . anyways i'm so excited about hanging my art today and then partying tonight that i want to share a sneak preview! :giggles: also it gaves me a good chance to test out the camera i'm borrowing from my aunt.

oh geez, i can't wait for good food, good beer and good friends tonight! man, i love chicago.

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