Monday, January 4, 2010

some changes

nothing like browsing through other artist's blogs to make you feel less than stellar and completely unaccomplished. looks like a good time for resolutions. i know you're suppose to think of these things before the new year has arrived, but oh well. i have recently found an artist in chicago whom i love and i'm going to be taking some clues directly from her new years resolutions from 2009 cuz lets face it, i'm lazy and why come up with your own ideas when someone else has do it better.

• make 3 paintings for every one painting in 2009 (trying to be realistic, 5 would be dreaming for me)
• follow through... wow thats a big one....enough said
• get in shape :: go running :: take puppy on a walk
• stop picking at myself, shit i look great stop worrying
• drink more water, start with a bottle a day (:goes to get a bottle to drink:)
• sketch all the time, or at least what feels like all the time
• stop reading about other people living and go live or at least paint

and done.

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