Thursday, June 24, 2010

temporary blogging addiction

after only posting once a month for the past several months i can only conclude that my recent fetish for posting is a temporary addiction that will pass once the glamor of my blog's facelift has worn off. but until that happens expect more posts that doubtlessly have little to do with art. one would think that since i'm putting all my efforts into avoiding working on my kitchen i would be creating art to pass the time, but nope not me. in order for me to to justify my avoidance of the kitchen to myself i am working on other parts of the house which have nothing to do with the kitchen. i anticipate this justification of working on other areas of the house will continue working until the rest of my house is in better shape than the half remodeled kitchen. to the right is a fairly recent shot of my kitchen taken after the flooring was installed. it saddens me to admit that the rest of my house is worse off than this photo. so until the rest of the house has caught up to the current level of "niceness" my kitchen has achieved i will continue to avoid working on the kitchen unless i absolutely must.

now, in other more exciting new i received my very first comment yesterday. small peanuts to must people, but not to me. i would like to thank my friend for unwittingly making my day.


  1. thank you so much! its got a long ways to go still, but i was told that the rest of my cabinets (on the wall you can't see right now) are going to be coming in on tuesday! that means my time for avoiding is gone :(