Monday, February 28, 2011

works in progress

experimenting with drawing on a canvas with charcoal. much more difficult then i imagined. this could very well be a lost cause for me, but maybe i'll push through and see where i land. i'm having a hard time getting contrast and depth without losing the pencil lines or strokes. i think my next step is just to give but on keeping the marks and just to get the contrast.

started this piece a few weeks ago now and it has lost my attention because of my excitement for the piece below.

my current love child. the plan is to do 4 panels total of four different people. this piece is my study and test for the upcoming four panels. i'm doing them on illustration board and I'll frame them in white frames without any matte. unheard of, right? i'm pretty excited. once they're done they'll be hanging out in a student health center for a while and visiting a conference in April with any luck until i find a more permanent home for them. below is a close up with a cameo from a set of worry bead which i made the other night.

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