Thursday, December 8, 2011

Holy IAMFest

IAMFest Part One:

i had a fantastic time. i meet a ton of cool people. and i didn't take a single photo....arg. lesson learned. actually many lessons learned just like last year's IAMFest, but this year i'm going to share them all.

lesson #1: if you promise to have pictures to show from an event you have to take them....yourself....carrying around a camera on top of all my painting supplies not a fun idea, but next time i'm sucking it up.

like the two years before at the start of the fest before the doors open they usher everyone up on stage for a group photo. I alway like this even though I have a terrible track record of ever being able to find/see myself in the photo, BUT this year i'm so there. can you find me?

((photo taken from

nope? well neither could i right away. not to worry let me help out. circled in red, way in the back, thats me. well thats my arms at least. 

lesson #2: no matter how tall you think you are standing in the back will not get you noticed or a photo and especially if they decide that its a good idea to have a crowed stage of people all jump at the same time. next time plant your ass on the floor infront of everyone.

more posts to come through out the next weeks about IAMFest2011 including introductions to a couple awesome people i meet, the painting i produced while there, and my first recorded interview (i still haven't watched it all so here's hoping i don't embarrass myself).

in other news, i'm wrapping up a huge hand full of paintings this month which i've been working on since september. about 7-8 brand new paintings which aren't really like any paintings i've done before. nervous and excited.

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