Monday, December 9, 2013


Storefront open? Check! See my shiny storefront on Etsy.

Currently there are a few things in the shop one of which is my hand-painted nativity nesting dolls. Here are a couple shots that didn't make it into the etsy listing.

I decided against offering "Catch Hope" as a print in the shop despite mentioning that I would before. Depending on how things shake out I plan to add inventory throughout the next couple weeks in the form of some new watercolor prints and another one or two nesting doll sets. All of which are already in progress.

Aside from opening my storefront things I've tackled recently:
  • finished my first crochet project in the form of a bag to hold all my crocheting supplies
  • finished Christmas shopping
Things still on the docket among other things:
  • Polish up new watercolor painting and scan
  • Polish up holiday card design for friend

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