Friday, December 19, 2014

Nightly Five Minutes

Firstly, welcome to my new blog location! I made the move so the url matches my other social media accounts (i.e. my Instagram). I've imported all the previous content so nothing is missing and simplified the background to better match my website.

I've been having a devil of a time sketching everyday while juggling a wiggly baby so a few days ago I came up with a plan. Every night before going to sleep I sketch for exactly 5 minutes. I take about a minute to get my head in the game and come up with an idea before tapping go on my timer. Short, sweet and easy peasy. Nightly 5 minute sketching has already taught me a few things:
  • 5 minutes is a hella short time to self impose restriction and so far things rarely turn out as I intend. Sounds like a familiar life lesson....
  • The short time really allows me to get out of my head not leave any time for second guessing.
  • Even though it's such a short time completing it consistently every night feels sooo good.

I'm sure I'll learn a great deal more as time passes. I imagine this idea of setting aside a simple 5 minutes a night towards something you haven't been able to find time for could be used for almost anything. Writing, exercising, woodworking, cleaning, research, crocheting, etc. I bet as time goes by 5 minutes will organically grow to 10, 15, 20 minutes and so on. Already on day three of my nightly sketching I spent an extra 5ish minutes before hand playing around with a previous 5 minute sketch.

I've been posting my sketches most nights on my Instagram.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Thoughts on Consumption

Create more than you consume.
That sentence really strikes a chord with me. I struggle with that so much. As a visual artist I don't think consumption is limited to just what is viewed either, but what is taken in by all the senses. Especially nowadays with Pinterest, Spotify and podcasts always at my fingertips it's hard to reign in the binging. All I seem to do most days is consume, consume, consume. And I'm not talking about drinking in nature, I'm talking about over feasting on what has been created by human.

To an extent, as an artist, I need to consume in order to create. I need to let my brain drink in the surrounding sights and sounds, feelings and textures in order to have something for my brain to process into my own expression, my own art. I'm not sure I could create without consuming. If I locked myself in a cabin Thoreau-style I'm sure I could continue creating for a while, but since most of my subject matter revolves arounds humans it wouldn't last long. I thrive on interactions to inform my art. Heck I'd wager than every single artist needs to keep at least a toe in society in order to stay relevant.

Where one spends their time and how much of that time is spent on consuming is such an important balance to strike. Much like food fueling the body, one has to be intentional to be able to fuel one's creative soul in a healthy way. If I'm being honest, I have to admit my consumption is not healthy. I'm fat and bloated with the amount and rate at which I consume. I'm calling myself out. I consume junk at such a rapid and staggering pace in hope of finding that "one magical bit" of inspiration. But that one magical piece to rival all others doesn't simply exist in one single place hidden in the pages of the internet. Great inspiration exists in the mind. Great inspiration is accessed by showing up to a blank page armed only with a pen and taking that pen to the page to create even when creating is hard and the output sucks. Great inspiration is cultivated with fresh air, human connections, new experiences and seasoned with a hardy dose of variety.

Everyone likely has their own innate balance and formula for healthy consumption. I'm not sure what mine is. It probably involves seeing more things live/first hand, focusing more on my other sense rather than relying so heavily on sight to experience the world and getting back to reading novels to let my imagination wander. I look forward to experimenting to discover a good balance for myself which I've already started to do. Slowly but surely.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

November Reminiscing

Well I was quite the instagram slacker in November. Not for a lack of taking pictures, but just a lack of taking pictures that featured something other than my baby. Oops. I'll work on that I swear.
After two months I was hoping to have a better handle on getting a substantial amount of work done, but nope. Kid knows what he likes and he likes eating and being held. I've decided to make my goals for December stupid simple: get more done than I did last month and document the proof.