Thursday, February 19, 2015

Saying Yes Really Means Saying No

The other day I had to remind myself that in order to say yes to something I'm going to have to say no to a lot of other somethings. Historically I'm not one to get confused about what to say no to, but recently I caught myself not being true to me. I was shocked to realize that for far too long I had been saying yes to the wrong thing and no to all the right things in the name of pleasing others. All my life I have easily avoided trying to please others most of the time. I thought after years of not having to worry about something many people struggle with I was in the clear. Nope. I was wrong. Turns out if you let your guard down you can change without realizing it and not for the better not matter what age you are.

I usually find it pretty easy to determine what to say no to by asking myself: Will it make my soul feel like it's dying? Perhaps that sounds extreme, but the question really helps me to put things in perspective. Who wants to kill their soul? No one I tell you no one. Another good question to ask: By saying yes will you have to say no to something that feeds your soul? This last question is tricky and was where I ran into trouble. By saying yes to something that caused me to say no to something that was feeding my soul I was inadvertently killing my soul. I find if I'm not actively feeding my soul I'm killing it. Don't forget to feed your soul!

So in honor of last week's Valentine's day I quit the crap I shouldn't have been doing and started doing what I should have been doing. Happy V Day to me! I also treated myself to some new tools. Chocolate is great, but tools are forever.

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