Friday, June 26, 2015

Work With What You Got

I'm currently working on a micro show. All the pieces will be five inches or smaller and either watercolor or ink on various papers/wood. Where and when might this show take place? I have no idea. I'm doing this Field of Dreams style (wait, did that reference just show my age? Ugh). If I build it someone will display it. Right? For the sake of all this tiny art let's hope so.

The whole mirco show idea started at the suggestion of a friend. I had just finished a tiny watercolor painting and was lamenting about how hard it was to find the time to work on art and how was I ever going to get any paintings done. My friend with great wisdom and clarity asked me in return why didn't I just do a bunch of micro paintings for a show. Genius. I probably should have kissed her. So in the spirit of working-with-what-you-got I'm working really small because large chunks of time are not on the menu.

So far working small had proven to be quite tricky. Sketching small is fine and dandy, but cramming a whole finished piece onto a small piece of paper is more of a challenge than I had thought. I'm wrestling with fitting things in while still allowing for adequate breathing room, but not too much breathing room. The last couple weeks I've been working with inks which have required diligent work with studies. I've found inks to be less forgiving when working this small so studies are a must for me.

Currently, I'm shooting for around 20 finished micro paintings/drawings. I haven't even wrapped my head around how I'm going to display them all. Once again in the spirit of working-with-what-you-got I'll probably do a mix of framed behind glass pieces and mounted on wood board pieces. I've never mounted paper on board so I'm more than excited to try my hand at it. If it goes well I'll let you know (if it's crap...well I won't).

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