Saturday, August 15, 2015

Studio Textures

Thank goodness for infant Motrin, ceiling fans, bathtubs and cell phones. I'm still recovering from my household being sick for over a month and I'm so grateful for the simple things that got us through. Along with my family's health, I'm extremely grateful for modern cell phones because without them this post wouldn't be happening. My computer has took a turn for the worse, but here's hoping it's repairable.

Since the last month plus has been spent in survival mode I've been doing a lot more looking and thinking than doing and making. With a the whole family cooped up inside my extra time was spent cozying up our home a bit more with improvements, repairs and paint. Recently, I've been thinking a lot about textures whether in my home or in my art work. Textures turn drap into fab for me in all things. The other day, I came across an artist who talked about having to carry around a camera for a whole semester in college taking photos of patterns for an art class. Such a great idea. So I'm condensing a semester into a morning around my studio. Hehe.